Do you have a movie or TV show you'd like to reach more audiences with? Or you are a content creator hoping to gain more viewers via digital platforms? You might be interested in AiryTV's licensing services!

Don't let your content sit idle


Activate your content by adding it to our streaming catalog

Whether you are looking for an additional distribution channel or a way to get your piece of content to a wide variety of viewers. AiryTV’s Online streaming TV format is perfect for achieving this goal.

AiryTV can expand your content to...everywhere you want

As a digital platform, AiryTV has no regional restrictions. Whether you want to go wide or only show your content in a specific region; we’re  capable of accommodating your needs and support your success.

Create an additional revenue source for your content via Rev-Share

As most of our licensing contracts deal in revenue share, the more people who watch your content, the more you earn. And the rev-split percentage depends on the situation; speak to a representative today!

Our technical expertise means less work on your end. Leave it to AiryTV

Please speak to our representative about your content specifications. We’re more than happy to work with you to figure out a way to import your content into our systems.

Security for your Content


Tracking your Content

We will help you find and track your licensed content on multiple platforms to prevent your revenue lost

Daily Notification

Our system will let you know where your content is streaming without your consent


We can help you navigate the DCMA landscape for a quick resolution