What Are We?

Welcome to AiryTV! If you’re on this website, there is a good chance that you are a little like us, and you might be looking “outside the box” for entertainment choices. With AiryTV, you don’t need a cable box, an account, or even a credit card. Our goal is to help you watch TV online, in the comfort of your home or on the go. We are Free TV. No more cable boxes or wire, as long as you have an Internet Connection you’re good to go! And that’s right – FREE!

How It Works

AiryTV is ridiculously easy to use. Have an internet connection or an unlimited mobile plan? If you can connect to the internet in some way, you can use AiryTV for free! We took our users and their lifestyles into consideration when we built our site. Whether you are on a phone, smart TV, computer or tablet – AiryTV was built to be simple to navigate and easy to use. Head on over to our site, find a channel that you want to watch and click play. Enjoy!

What We Do

AiryTV is a search engine for content that is streaming online. Our goal is to find video content located online and make it more accessible to our users. We’ve compacted this accessibility into TV channels, just like you’d find on any regular TV. Our goal is to find and categorize content the same way you would use any other search engine, but we make it easier for you by showing you stream channels.